1Z0-815 Book (Second Edition, August 1, 2020 Build 2.1): Typos in Chapter 15

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1Z0-815 Book (Second Edition, August 1, 2020 Build 2.1): Typos in Chapter 15

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Hi Guys:

Wow, the last full chapter looms ahead, and all-new stuff for me, apart from a five minute video or two I watched months ago.

But on Chapter 15 its all small stuff that doesn't break anything, but I noticed them so I will mention 'em.

I don't think I mentioned it in Chapter 14, but the "While taking training sessions" beginning to the chapter confused me at first then remind me of an old Grouch Marx joke: "Last night I dreamed I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I'll never know." It sounded like the Primary Author has taken numerous training sessions including lambdas, but that seems factually unlikely. I would have just said "...beginners taking training courses feel"...

p. 371 box: "not all a bag of goodies" would be the most idiomatic. Halloween is coming up, so holding a bag of mixed good and bad things is seasonally appropriate, but the metaphor felt clunky as phrased.
p. 375 near bottom "alternate approach" I'd prefix that with "an" or "some". I've worked with colleagues that literally never used indefinite articles, ever. The effect was somewhat weird one. I've also worked with colleagues who never used the definite article, except for some reason awkwardly where we normally wouldn't place the one. It never impaired the communication, but I got sensitized to it if we worked on shared documents that might be seen by customers or prospective customers. I think I still subconsciously scan for it maybe?

p. 379 in box: actual content issue, in 2nd example should end ;fis1) not ;fis2) I believe.

p. 383 "to list the only those" <-- the isn't needed there.

p. 384 The "While-But" combo is a bit awkward as is "Although-but" idiomatically if you explicitly say "While" or "Although" you normally don't need 'but' in the second part, and vice versa. p. 388 5. is the other instance of this weird idiom...
on the same page we see "a badly written code" in American English at least we consider code like Air or Water and would either just drop the indefinite article -a or say "a badly written PIECE of code" whatever, I auto-detect these issues due to prior team compositions as noted.

p. 385 "the name of any class than extends" it seems 'than' should have been 'that'?

where we talk about divide a number by 0, we don't go into floating point arithmetic, NaN, Infinity etc. in this book at all, but I would at least say that ArithmeticException comes about only when dividing an int value by 0. If they get curious (I'll bet anything it IS on the 819 exam that many will wind up taking) they can look it up...

p. 392 15.3.2 beginning "when the it loads a class" [in engineering school and workI have edited texts where people would commonly write such a phrase, here I believe it was just a typo] <- just drop the it

p. 392 "due some action" <- sounds like someone eager for a date Friday night: "due to some action"
p. 393 "no where" <- nowhere

p. 403 "mult-catch" should be "multi-catch" and that's done with my catch blocks, I will now try { the end-of-chapter problems }
sigh. Only one more big chapter of fun after this one...it's been real.


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Re: 1Z0-815 Book (Second Edition, August 1, 2020 Build 2.1): Typos in Chapter 15

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Thank you for the corrections.
All noted.
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