About Question enthuware.jwpv6.2.1149 :

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About Question enthuware.jwpv6.2.1149 :

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Just wanted to clarify why the answer is a business delegate. There's no indication in the question that there's any EJB/equivalent business processing is involved

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Re: About Question enthuware.jwpv6.2.1149 :

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A business delegate doesn't necessarily mean that there has to be any EJB involved. A business delegate is simply a class that hides the business services (whether the business services are implemented using EJB or not is immaterial). In this question, the problem statement says that service methods have become too big because each servlet performs a complete use case and there is a lot of repetition as well. So it makes sense to separate out the business logic of these servlets into business services and use business delegates to use this services.

Also, remember that sometimes the options may not always match the requires exactly. If the problem statement says you have to pick two options, you have to select two options and one of the correct options may not be very clear. You have to select the options that make most sense.

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