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About Question com.enthuware.ets.scwcd.v5.2.53:

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I have a doubt regarding this question.

Q) In which of the following situations will a session be definitely invalidated?
(Select 3 options)

a) The container is shutdown and brought up again.
b) No request comes from the client for more than "session timeout" period.
c) A servlet explicitly calls invalidate() on a session object.
d) If the session time out is set to 0 using setMaxInactiveInterval() method.

I assume the correct answers are a,b,c.
Please anyone come-up with a suggestion?

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Re: About Question com.enthuware.ets.scwcd.v5.2.53:

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There is an explanation given with the question as to why option 1 is not correct and 4 is correct. Can you please specify what is your doubt?

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