java Thread topic in OCP SE 8 1z0-809

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java Thread topic in OCP SE 8 1z0-809

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I have a little doubt about exam topics for SE 8 programmer II. The topic Thread fundamental (Runnable, Thread class, Thread method ecc...) are present in the examination questions?
I dot find this on official topics..

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Re: java Thread topic in OCP SE 8 1z0-809

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Exam objectives do not explicitly mention Thread class as such but it does mention - "Create worker threads using Runnable" , "Identify potential threading problems among deadlock, starvation, livelock, and race conditions", and "Use synchronized keyword ".
These things directly relate to Thread class and issues associated with threads.

Some candidates have mentioned getting questions that require you to have a good understanding about these classes. That is why we have included only those questions that are important for the exam.

Learning about Thread class is very fundamental to Java programming and it is imperative for a certified Java programmer to know about it.

For these reasons, we suggest you to go through these questions even though they may seem not included in the exam.

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