Order Failed - OCA-JP8

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Order Failed - OCA-JP8

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I tried to purchase the full question bank for the OCA-JP 8 exam ($9.95) today but I got an error of "Order Failed". I thought it might be a problem with the server or something, so I waited a while and tried again later, but I still kept getting the error. I've tried numerous times with different credit cards that I am positive should be going through, but none of them worked. There are a few other people I know who have tried today but are also getting the same error. Can we get help with this? Thanks!

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Re: Order Failed - OCA-JP8

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Yes, some people do face this problem. It occurs because of two reasons -
1. Your bank is denying the charges on your card. Could be because you have not enabled international payments on your card.

2. Your order has failed fraud check. This happens due to a combination of factors such as if the address on the card is too far from the location from where you are placing the order.

Since you haven't mentioned your name or emaild here, I can't find out the exact reason for the failure of your order.

If your order is not going through, you should contact us at support@enthuware.com .

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