Discuss Button Leads to Wrong Page

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Discuss Button Leads to Wrong Page

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Seems like there's something wrong with the way Test Studio talks to the server.
Situation: reviewing question "enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1485" (1Z0-810 pack). Pressing "Discuss" opens the browser page with the following link:
http://support.enthuware.com/ETSServer/ ... .v8.2.1485
which seems fine
The trouble is that the server redirects me to this topic which is for question "enthuware.ocpjp.v7.2.1485".
Looks like incorrect behavior.
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Re: Discuss Button Leads to Wrong Page

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Since many questions are common across OCP v7 and v8, the server tries to redirect to the same thread if the id number part matches with the topic title (ignoring the version part). This works fine usually. But not for this question because although the content of this question is different from the question in the other question bank, its id number (without version) is same as the other one. Ideally, its id number part should have been different.

I have created a dummy topic for this question so the server should redirect to this topic now because there will be an exact match between thread title and question id.

I will check how many questions have this problem. But in case this happens again, you can create a new topic instead with the correct question id to discuss your issue. Once a thread with exact question id exists, you will be redirected to that thread.

thank you for your feedback!
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